Welcome to College Resources UK. This service is here to provide support and guidance to college lecturers who teach subjects such as ICT and Computing at various levels. The service is operated by two college lecturers who have experience with delivering computing courses from level 1 through to level 5. We aim to provide clear and appropriate resources that a lecturer can use 'out of the box' along with related in-class activities and assignment briefs. With the increasing workload and expectations of a further education college lecturer, it can be a sense of relief when resources tailored to specific courses and units can be downloaded.  We fill be offering:

  • Classroom presentations
  • In-class activities and plenaries for learners
  • Course and unit-specific assignment briefs and making guides
  • A resource request service
  • An advice area for content coverage and assessment

We hope you enjoy your time with us at College Resources UK. If you would like to contact us, please click here to access the form. 

College Resources UK